Emerge Yoga


If you practice yoga or are thinking about starting a practice, try Emerge Yoga. We have created a unique yoga and mind/body center that can’t be replicated. Emerge Yoga consists of 2 studios. Our hot studio has a genuine infrared heating system that the teachers can control, depending on the class taught. The Emerge studio is cooler and along with yoga classes, it’s the studio where we hold our own branded, Precision Barre classes. Both studios, the Emerge and the Hot studio, have wireless-controlled heating and cooling systems as well as air purification systems in the H-VAC units. Give us a call at (248) 920-9885 for more information!


Our instructors have decades of experience, and are certified by the most respected organizations in their field and you may know some of them! For a yoga experience unlike any other, one that will improve your physical as well as mental health, inquire about Emerge yoga today.

We have many yoga teachers, each with decades of experience in their fields. We offer 96 hours of classes each week in different areas, including: