There’s playing video games, and then there is eSports. Serious gamers know the difference. The Sports Club of West Bloomfield is proud to announce that we’ve officially opened our Evolution eSports room! It’s open to all skill levels for all purposes, from casual gaming to professional streaming. We’ll host tournaments, leagues, open play, and parties. We spared no expense on the consoles so no matter your level, our equipment won’t slow you down. We have 20 HP Omen PC stations set up, equipped with I7 8 Core CPUs, NVIDIA RTX 3060TI GPUs, and 24” 144Hz Zowie Benq eSports monitors. We also have 2 Nintendo Switch stations, as well as 2 PS5 stations, everything is powered by a fiber optic internet connection for lightning speed! So, if you’re looking to have a fun gaming party with your friends this weekend, or you’re looking for a regular spot to practice your skills, Evolution eSports offers you a limitless gaming experience. We now host XP League! XP League is a youth esports league designed just like conventional youth sports. Their innovative program emphasizes building social skills and sportsmanship through a positive coach-led structure. Find out more about them here. To learn more about our Evolution eSports room, including tournaments and leagues, or to rent the room for a group, give us a call at (248) 920-9885 today!