Tennis Lessons

Tennis Lessons

Whether you are new at the sport or have been playing tennis for years, we have many opportunities for you to enjoy a lifetime activity. We offer “in-house” programs for all levels: competitive leagues for men and women of all levels, adult tennis clinics, organized practice, permanent court time, and both individual and group private instruction. We have the finest area professionals waiting to help you with your game or give you a great workout. See the list below or call Ricky Brown at (248) 920-9885 ext. 119

Get moving, get healthy, and check out what we have to offer!! To register, call (248) 218-9816 EXT 122 or register online.

We offer:

Competitive Leagues

Our leagues welcome men and women of all skill levels, offering an exhilarating environment to showcase your tennis abilities and compete against peers.

Adult Tennis Clinics and Organized Practice

Engage in our adult tennis clinics and structured practice sessions designed to refine your techniques and elevate your game.

Permanent Court Time

Secure your spot on our courts with permanent court time arrangements, ensuring consistent access to practice and play.

Private Instruction

Elevate your skills with personalized private instruction tailored to your needs, available in both individual and group formats for comprehensive improvement.

Suburban Women League

If you are looking for more competition, we have a program for you. Our popular Suburban League offers women of all levels the opportunity to practice once a week, and then play competitive matches each Friday, September through May. For both men and women, we have an active USTA team program with singles, doubles, and mixed doubles opportunities during the summer, fall, and winter seasons.