With just over 3,000 sq. ft. and 48 pieces of equipment, our cardio floor has something for everyone. Every piece of equipment comes with a personal entertainment console. We have all of the basic cable channels as well as virtual workouts in different parts of the world, on-demand music and news apps as well as a Google browser if you have to check your email! You can use Bluetooth or wired headphones. After your workout, make sure to take advantage of our stretching area!
Resistance weight training can shape and define your physique. Updated in 2018, every piece of equipment was replaced and we set the room up to accommodate members who want to circuit or interval train as well as those who do HIIT, (High-Intensity Interval Training). Our gym has everything you expect, as well as kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, Air Assault bikes and treadmills, medicine balls, slam balls and so much more! Our friendly and experienced staff will make you feel welcome, whether a beginner or an expert. All new members get a free session with a trainer. Your trainer will put together an easy-to-follow workout for you so you can get started on your fitness goals right away!