Martial Arts

American Freestyle Martial Arts includes Little Ninjas Introduction to Martial Arts and Belt Programs. These programs are designed to promote excellence in the learning, practice, and teaching of martial arts. AIKIA guidelines and standards will guide all of our challenging classes from preschool through adult.

Introducing your child to martial arts has tons of benefits that will help them grow and mature as a person. First and foremost, it’s a great way to set your child on the path to a healthy lifestyle and staying active. It also helps with a child’s self-confidence as they learn new skills and the ability to defend themselves. Martial arts are rooted in self-control and discipline. Your child will learn to channel their efforts toward a goal and stay committed until they reach their goal. Another benefit of martial arts training in children is learning the all-important value of respect. In martial arts, respect for your teacher and respect for your fellow classmates is a deeply important values.

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kevin todoroff

Kevin Todoroff

Director of Martial Arts

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