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Fall 1 (10 weeks) Fall 2 (11 weeks)
Winter (10 weeks) Spring (10 weeks)
Tournament Tr
Sept 4-Nov 11
Nov 12-Jan 27, 2019 (omit Nov 22, Dec 24, 25, 31, Jan 1, 2019)
Jan 28- Apr 7, 2019
Apr 8-Jun 16, 2019 (omit Apr 21, May 25-27)
The progression of the Tournament Training Program is
Young Players Tournament Training
Tournament Elite Elite XX.
Tournament Training program requires approval from Directors Brady Crosby and Justin Rossi.
Tournament Training Program
The Tournament Training Program is designed for Young Players and High level tournament players who compete in District, Regional, and National tournaments.
Our Tournament Training Program is taught by the area’s top professionals:
- Brady Crosby, Director of Tournament Training - Justin Rossi, Director of Tournament Training - Ricky Brown, Director of Tennis
- Joe Brennan, Assistant Director of Tennis
- Marimar Alonso, USTA Team Tennis Coordinator - Ed Nagel
- Adam Williams
All levels of this program will consist of two hours of intense training including high level drills, match play, point play, footwork, and fitness.
The goal of the Tournament Training Program is to progress players from District, to Midwest, to National level tournaments. Participation in tournaments is a requirement of the program to ensure that our players are getting the proper experience to improve the level of their game.
Young Players
This class is for players who have progressed to the green dot ball through the “USTA Youth Progression System.” Students should be able to rally 3-5 balls in a row consistently and are able to get the serve in consistently.
Players must be ready to participate in “USTA Youth Progression” tournaments and/or USTA team tennis.
Tournament Training
(Two days a week highly recommended)
This group consists of younger tournament players at the SEMTA level. Emphasis is placed on drilling, point play and match situations. These players will progress to the Tournament Elite level and to High School Varsity teams.
Tue/Thur 4:30-6:30 pm
Joe Brennan’s Tournament Group
Sun 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Cost: Discounts for multiple days. (Young Players, Tournament Training and Joe Brennan’s Tournament Group):
10 Weeks
Fitness Members
Tennis & Program Members
11 Weeks
Fitness Members
Tennis & Program Members
1st Day $523
1st Day $575
2nd Day $381
2nd Day $419
3rd Day $278
3rd Day $306
9 The Sports Club of West Bloomfield – Fall 2018, Winter/Spring 2019

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