Emerge Yoga at Sports Club of West Bloomfield

If you love yoga, you need to try the ultimate yoga experience, Emerge Yoga. We have created a unique yoga oasis, unlike anything youíve ever seen. Our yoga room is state-of-the-art. First, the infra-red heating system (when activated) keeps the room hot without the unbearable humidity of traditional hot yoga rooms. Also, the bamboo floors are heated so you wonít get a chill from laying down.

We have an extremely accurate climate control system and an air purification system so that you stay comfortable. The entire room is soundproofed so that the calming surround sound audio system is not interrupted by a noise outside. Itís a true escape from daily life, keeping you in shape and allowing you to reset your mind from the stress youíve experienced elsewhere. We even offer daycare so that parents with young children can still enjoy a healthy, much-needed break.

We have 12 yoga teachers, each with decades of experience in their fields. We offer 96 hours of classes each week in different areas, including Hot Vinyasa, Dynamic Flow, Slow Vinyasa, Healthy Backs Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Barré.

For a truly immersive yoga experience that improves both your physical and mental health, ask about our Emerge Yoga room today. Give us a call at (248) 920-9885 for more information!

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